Dallas Cowboys Famous Players

The Cowboys have had their share of legendary players since joining the NFL in 1960. Identifying five of the most excellent Cowboys in franchise history is simple. The five most significant players in Dallas Cowboys annals are listed below.

Roger Staubach

Staubach cemented his place in Cowboys lore. He won the Heisman Trophy and served in Vietnam before being recruited. Every group he played on regarded him as a hero. During his tenure as head coach, the Cowboys made four trips to the Super Bowl and won twice. 

Bob Lilly

He transformed the Cowboys into a formidable team, never skipped a regular-season game in his 14 years with the Cowboys, and was selected to 11 Pro Bowls. When he put his mind to anything, nothing could stop him. Lilly’s sack of Miami Dolphins quarterback Bob Griese for a loss of 29 yards helped the Cowboys beat them 24-3 in the Super Bowl that year. 

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith, the most excellent rusher of all time, unquestionably ranks third. Nothing could have stopped Smith. He never made a lot of flashy plays, but he got the job done and had a lot of nerve. Remember in 1993 when he injured his shoulder against the Giants and still managed to single-handedly defeat them with 32 carries for 170 yards and ten receptions for 62 more?

Troy Aikman

When someone thinks about Troy Aikman, that’s the term that springs to mind. He was one of the finest quarterbacks in NFL history and had an uncanny ability to locate his players. Only three other players in NFL history have won three Super Bowls with the same club as their leader. He has thrown more touchdown passes than anyone else in Cowboys history. 

Michael Irvin

He is known as the Playmaker for a reason, and when the Cowboys picked Michael Irvin in 1988, he was the perfect answer to their problems after many losing seasons. He was tenacious, capable of beating out large cornerbacks and pulling in challenging passes. He had already made it to five consecutive Pro Bowls by 1991 and led the NFL in receiving yards that year.

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