The Dallas Cowboys are a professional team that plays American football. The Dallas Cowboys are an NFL team that represents the NFC East division. The team’s headquarters are located in Frisco, Texas, and since AT&T Stadium opened in Arlington in 2009, the team has played all of its home games there. 

Before the 2013 season began, the stadium was given a new name, and in January 2020, Mike McCarthy was revealed as the Cowboys’ next head coach. As the eighth captain of the club, he is now part of a small group. With Jason Garrett no longer in charge, McCarthy will take the reins.

In 1960, the Cowboys joined the National Football League as a new team. The length of a team’s streak of sold-out games is the best way to tell how popular it is in the NFL. Since 2002, all of the Cowboys’ 190 regular season and playoff games have sold out.

Only the New England Patriots (11 Super Bowls) have been to more than this team.

During that time, the NFC West has been the best division in the NFC, winning three championships. Their rivals in the NFC, the 49ers, have also won five Super Bowls, and both Pittsburgh and New England have six wins, so they are tied for first place.

The Cowboys are the only team in the NFL to have won 20 straight games.

According to Forbes, the Dallas Cowboys are the best football team in the world as of 2015. The Dallas Cowboys are the first team in any sport to be worth $4 billion. The Cowboys made more than $620 million in 2014 than any other American sports team.

In 2018, they were the first NFL team to be worth $5 billion, and for the 12th year in a row, they were on Forbes’ list of the most expensive NFL teams.

Thanksgiving Day games

In 1960, when new teams were added to the National Football League, the Cowboys were among the first to join. The team’s NFL history of consecutive sell-outs is the finest indicator of the breadth and depth of its fan base throughout the country.

Since 2002, 190 straight Cowboys home games (regular season and playoffs combined) have all sold out. With eight trips to the Super Bowl, the team is tied for second all-time, behind only the New England Patriots and their excellent eleven visits.

This is also about the same size as the eight championships that the NFC has won, which is more than any other league. Five Super Bowls have been beaten by both the Cowboys and their NFC rivals. 

Only Pittsburgh and New England, which each have six, have won more games. The Cowboys are the first team in NFL history to win every season for 20 years straight (1966-1985). During that time, they only made the playoffs once.

In 1966, the Cowboys agreed to host a second NFL Thanksgiving game, just like the Detroit Lions did the previous year.

Tex Schramm, the team’s general manager, was looking for a means to get national exposure for his 1960s-era underachievers. In reality, the NFL promised a share of the ticket sales based on the idea that the game wouldn’t happen because it would be hard to get people to go.

When the Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns 26-14 just after 5 p.m. CST, more than 80,000 people were in the Cotton Bowl.

Lightning Roulette

Logos and uniforms


Texas is regarded as “The Lone Star State,” and the Dallas Cowboys’ blue star emblem is most recognizable in all professional sports. In 1964, a blue border and white line were added to a solid blue star. Since then, the logo hasn’t changed at all. 

The blue star is now also used by the Dallas Desperados, an American Football League club owned by Jerry Jones and using a logo based on the Cowboys. Other entries, such as an imaging center and a warehouse, also include the blue star.


The Dallas Cowboys’ white home jerseys have solid royal blue stockings, numbers, letters, and two bands on the sleeves. At home, pants are usually a standard metallic silver-green (PMS 8280 C), which goes well with the blue outfit. The navy pinstripes stand out against the white words and numbers on the navy road jerseys.

Each sleeve and the V-neck collar are striped with white, grey, and white, and the Cowboys’ star logo sits on top of the stripes. In the middle of the NFL shield is a “Cowboys” breast crest. To match the blue uniforms, the away shorts are pearly metallic silver (PMS 8180 C). The club chooses a typeface with serifs when putting the players’ last names on their jerseys.

The team’s hats are a unique metallic silver with a blue tint called PMS 8240 C, and they have a blue, white, and blue line going vertically across the top. On the white part of the strip on the back of the Cowboys’ helmets, a blue Dymo tape stripe with the team logo printed on it is added. This makes the helmets unique.

Uniform History

The first Dallas Cowboys helmet was white with a blue star and blue, white, and blue stripes down the middle. The team’s first season was in 1960. The team wore blue jerseys with white sleeves and a small blue star on each shoulder when they played at home. When they played away, they wore white jerseys with blue stars. On their blue socks, two white stripes were going across the foot.

In 1964, the Cowboys went for a more straightforward look by switching to a uniform jersey and socks of a single color with three horizontal stripes on the sleeves. This is the uniform they still wear today.

Instead of the jerseys with stars on the shoulders, plain ones with “TV” numbers sewn into the seams just above the shoulders took their place. The middle of the new helmet had three blue, white, and blue stripes.

The blue “lone star” emblem used to stand out from the silver and blue background. To do this, a white border was added to the symbol. The new bottoms were silver/blue and had a blue, white, and blue design.

Once the NFL agreed to it in 1964, several teams wore white home jerseys. The Cowboys have kept this tradition going to this day, except for “throwback” games.


Cotton Bowl

The Cotton Bowl was built in 1932. It is sometimes called “The House That Doak Built” because legendary SMU running back Doak Walker brought huge crowds to the stadium when he was an undergrad in the late 1940s.

It is in Fair Park, which used to be known as the Fair Park Bowl, and is where the State Fair of Texas is held. When a concert or other event is on a stage, more people may be able to watch the game in the stadium.

The Cotton Bowl Classic college football bowl game was held there for a long time. The Dallas Cowboys played their home games in the Cotton Bowl from 1960 until 1971 when they moved to Texas Stadium. In 1966, the NFL championship game between the Cowboys and the Packers was played at the Cotton Bowl.

Texas Stadium

The Cowboys have called Texas Stadium home for most of their game schedule. Irving, Texas, was home to the stadium. On October 24, 1971, the stadium opened to the public with a price tag of $35 million and a capacity of 65,675. The dome was noted for having a hole in it.

The City of Irving renovated the roof in 2006 summer since the peeling paint made the building seem unattractive in the early 2000s. As far as we know, this was the very first time the iconic roof of Texas Stadium has been redone since the stadium opened. 

The stadium’s roof didn’t connect to the stadium’s structure in any way. On December 20, 2008, the Cowboys played their last game at Texas Stadium, a 33-24 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. The Cowboys gave the stadium to the city of Irving after its 2009 opening.

AT&T Stadium

The retractable roof of Arlington’s AT&T Stadium was formerly home to the Dallas Cowboys when it was known as Cowboys Stadium.

It is the first time the Cowboys have played at a stadium outside of Dallas County. As of May 29, 2009, it could accommodate 80,000 people. However, it might be increased to 100,000 with minor renovations.

The giant high-definition television screen in the world can be seen in the middle of AT&T Stadium. The new scoreboard at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City is 11,520 square feet (1,070 square meters), making it the biggest in the world. The previous record holder was the 8,736 square foot (812 square meters) screen that debuted in 2009.

Who Wore Number 88 For The Dallas Cowboys?

A legendary Dallas Cowboys member says wearing jersey number 88 is unique.  Despite their natural connections as receivers, the players have only lately met each other.

Drew Pearson was the first Cowboys wide receiver to achieve notoriety while wearing the number 88. Pearson was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  As a receiver, he finished his career with 7822 yards, 48 touchdowns, and a Super Bowl title.

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